“From the rugged moors of North England comes a fresh and truly original singer-songwriter. This is a quirky, sensitive, witty, quintessencially British sound that grows on one with each listen. And lurking behind the eccentric trappings are some highly infectious grooves, amber guitar tones, and wickedly clever arrangements that George Martin would be proud of. But then what would you expect from an artist that cites British Army bands, Black Sabbath, and Charlie Brown as influences?”

Jim Pearson.

Unlucky for some (Jul 2008)

“Unlucky For Some is chock full of beautifully visual, almost cinematic songs that seem so damn 'real'. The lyrics steer far clear of melodrama and deliver honest stories, tales and thoughts that stay with you for days. It's as if each song is a screenplay in it's own right with a backdrop of instrumenation that swings from simple elegance to punchy bittersweet tension.”

Some songs by Jim Pearson (Nov 2006)

“Jim's songs range from the whimsical to some of the most bitter and somber themes, yet always with a paradoxical childlike spirit that meets them head-on, wide-eyed and full of hopeful energy. With unabashed sincerity and an almost perceptible smirk Jim Pearson celebrates the fullness and complexity of the human experience in his debut CD Some Songs by Jim Pearson.”


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